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Mint CBG Tincture (1500mg/3000mg)

Mint CBG Tincture (1500mg/3000mg)

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1500mg CBG 
(30ml Bottle – 60 Doses x 25mg)

3000mg CBG 
30ml Bottle – 60 Doses x 50mg)

Clean and simple:  Pure hemp-derived CBG isolate grown and processed in the United States in an organic, 100% coconut MCT oil.  

  • Convenient
  • Contains no sugar or sweeteners
  • Light, all-natural flavor
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Child-resistant glass bottle with calibrated glass dropper

Ingredients:  MCT Oil (100% organic coconut), Hemp-Derived CBG Isolate, Natural Peppermint Oil


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

On my 2nd order. Gave it a try after severe back injury. It took awhile but my back has slowly but greatly improved. I didn't take anything for it except this CBG. I can't be sure if that alone did wonders but I'm grateful nonetheless. The lemon flavor is decent. My only gripe is the cost... Looks like it dropped a little.

Thank you for your review, Manny! We have continued to lower our prices as isolate costs drop, but some of the more specialized cannabinoids are still pricey due to limited extraction facilities. Our utilization of all natural, organic, sugar free, and vegan/gluten free ingredients make production more costly, but we do our best to keep the prices reasonable to our customers.


This combined with a dose of CBD daily has helped combat my adult ADD. I find this helps reduce my anxiety significantly and helps me maintain a focus through out my daily tasks that has improved daily life! The more consistent I am the better the results!!

Reach out if you have questions, Kine has the best customer service out there!