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Watermelon CBD Drops - 25mg Lozenges (150mg/500mg)

Watermelon CBD Drops - 25mg Lozenges (150mg/500mg)

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150mg CBD Per Package
(6 Individually Wrapped 25mg Lozenges)

500mg CBD Per Package
(20 Individually Wrapped 25mg Lozenges)

Clean and simple:  Pure hemp-derived CBD isolate grown and processed in the United States in a fast-acting, easy, and discreet lozenge form. 

  • Convenient
  • Contains no sugar
  • All-natural flavor and color
  • Vegan and gluten free

Ingredients:  Isomalt (derived from beets), Water, Hemp-Derived CBD Isolate, Natural Watermelon Extract, All-Natural Color, Citric Acid


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Paula Jacobs
Got some as a treat

My daughter brought some of these home from Burning Man and gave them to me. They helped with headaches and complete relaxation minus the head change. Really liked them

Mattie French
So calming!

As a working mom, I love enjoying one of these for the perfect dose of chill. Made me really just relax. ☀️

Diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia

My husband has occasional diabetic neuropathy and will have uncontrolled itchiness, pain or tingling. I suggested he try these as I keep them for my anxiety and the allodynia and fibromyalgia. He was surprised that they broke the cycle of the discomfort and gave him relief when nothing else did. I get a few different symptoms with allodynia which include sunburn like pain across my back and shoulders and an itchy, crawly feeling in my scalp. Both of those symptoms were helped by this product. They also seem to help break the control of anxiety and return to a calm state quicker.

on the go

I use the CBD tincture daily and these are great for on the go when you don't want to carry the glass bottle, or when you just want a added bit of flavor to last a bit. The CBD is amazing at helping combat anxiety and also with over all body aches!

Lydia S.

This is one of those products you don't realize how much you needed it in your life until you actually use it. I have bad allergies and sinus problems so I get an itchy throat or cough a lot. Which right now is something you do not want to do in public because people look at you like it's the Salem witch trials. These lemon flavor lozenges not only stop the cough, and the itchy throat, but also help relax my throat where it feels like it was getting tight. It also helps relax my mind and relieve my anxiety for a few hours. I love that they come in a resealable package so I don't lose them all in my bag. They also come in an individually sealed bag perfect for your pocket or wallet. If you have a cold, sinus, allergy, or sore throat I highly recommend these especially out in public.